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Professor Brown Shoes Teaches the Blues Professor Brown Shoes Teaches the Blues
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Professor Brown Shoes Teaches the Blues

a novel by David Mutti Clark

Professor Browns Shoes, Purveyor of the Blues, is an ancient black man who teaches piano. He whispers to his students, " . . . listen for the melody, that tune way deep inside." The Professor is mythical and magical; he represents the bluesmen who came before rock and roll, the ones who enriched our musical heritage and died in the poor house.

As a modern-day griot, as a troubadour for troubled times, Professor Brown Shoes travels a circuit in the West, teaching the blues. In a small, white Idaho town, he meets a suicidal man, Robert Workman, who can't shake his funk. Robert has never recovered from that fateful day when he was downsized; the day he lost his wife, his daughter, his home, and his job in California. Robert relocated to Idaho to work for a government laboratory. He thought he'd be able to return home in a year. But he never did. It's been ten years. So he thinks he might as well kill the pain by killing himself. Robert makes a final, desperate cry for help and meets Professor Brown Shoes. With the helps of the Professor, Robert attempts to regain his life.​

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